Top 3 Free Parental Control App to Monitor Your Kids’ iPhones

 Top 3 Free Parental Control App to Monitor Your Kids’ iPhones

Do you find your kids to be highly addicted to their mobile phones? Do you dread that your child may be taking up the wrong path? The Internet has a significant role to play these days. Though it is an innovation that has brought the world closer, it also has some side effects when we talk about children. With mobile phones and the Internet being so handy, children are becoming more vulnerable to fall into the trap of cybercrimes and lousy company.

To prevent such incidents from occurring, parents should consider monitoring their children’s cell phones to save them from falling prey to any kind of sexual harassment, cyberbullying, and similar issues. But the question arises how to go about it? Free parental monitoring app is the answer to your question.

Read on to find out how these parental control apps are no less than a boon for parents and children to develop a safe zone for kids.

Best Free Parental Control Apps

Here are the top parental apps you can purchase to safeguard your child from evil eyes:



mSpy is one of the oldest child monitoring apps functional since 2011 that has made top-notch efforts to provide complete parental control over their child’s phone. They have a high-end reputation and offer their services at competitive pricing. Ranging from monitoring various apps, social media app blocking, call blocking, geofencing, it brings it all to a single table.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is another parental control app with an easy-to-use interface that allows sensitive internet content filter and location tracking. Not only it enables the parents to manage the screen time spent by their children on their phones, but it also provides reporting and customizable alerts.


It is a comprehensive reporting parental control app that allows instant locking of devices and also allows the guardians to track the location of their child. It offers a 7-day free version for trial purposes and allows the parents to monitor their child’s activities to ditch distractions by blocking video streams and other internet websites as per the wishes of parents.

How Do Free Parental Control Apps Work?

Parental control apps are highly helpful in letting the parents gain control over their child’s possessions, such as mobile phones, computers, tablets from a remote location. In order to gain control over your kid’s phones, all you need to do is download any of the above-mentioned free apps to monitor your child’s phone on yours as well as the target phone to gain access to their daily activities. Further, using the features provided by the apps allow the parents to monitor and control various activities of the kids over their phone.

Ranging from monitoring their search history to their searches made on the Internet, parents can get to know their whereabouts and block any apps that stand as inappropriate for the kids. Using such apps for monitoring purposes is a much better and respectful method to keep an eye on your kid’s business rather than snatching their phones and checking it out.

Parental control apps also allow the parents to limit the screen time spent on cell phones. This method is less invasive, and if your kids get to know the same, they may try to develop better habits as they know someone is continuously watching them.

What’s the Difference Between Free and Paid Parental Control Apps?

When it comes to picking the best parental control app, you may come across a plethora of options over the Internet. But the catch lies in picking an app that can exactly cater to your requirements. Free parental control apps for the iPhone may lure you initially, but gradually you will get to know that the paid ones are far better than the free ones talking in terms of authenticity, features, and functionality.

Above all, the paid apps do not cost you a fortune, they are available at feasible prices, and one can easily afford it for the sake of their child’s safety. Paid apps allow parents to enjoy a wide range of services to monitor their child’s activities remotely. It will further save their kids from the potential threats of cyberbullying, blackmail, bad company, or falling into the wrong hands.

The payment for such apps is meager, but it gives you long-term benefits and saves your child from falling into any social media trap or making friends beyond the set boundaries.

How to Get mSpy for Free?

mSpy doesn’t come for free but is available in two types of packages — basic and premium. As you can make out from the name, the latter consists of a few more advanced functionalities and features than the former, which allows app blocking, blocking incoming calls, social media monitoring, geofencing, etc.

The basic package stands valid for 1 month, and you can consider buying this package at first to get acquainted with the software and to know how it works. Further, when you feel satisfied with the product, you can consider purchasing the software’s premium version, which offers more value for your money and allows you to have peace of mind for a year if you choose the yearly package.

The best thing about this best free parental control app for iPhone is that you can get your money back if you encounter any technical issues with the same, which is valid for 14 days while


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